It takes a lot to run a travel business, you have to develop yourself as a professional before people can trust you with their holidays.

Even if you have the skills and all the informations they need, if you do not properly showcase your offers nobody would feel comfortable booking with your brand and you don’t want a situation whereby a lot of people starts questioning your business because they can’t identify with you.

This is what has to be done when launching or running your travel business:

Make sure you have built very engaging social media pages that connects you to your target audience. Alongside your social presence you need a unique logo and an outstanding website so people can easily identify with your brand and be confident enough to trust your offers.

We started web designing for our travel agency as soon as we launched our business years ago (click to read our history) at the beginning there were a lot of setbacks, from not having a professional website to people not identifying with our brand, but we have watched ourselves grow to having one of the best travel website and a logo that is unique to our business. And now you are about to find out the various features to look out for on your travel websites in order to boost the success of your brand.


Imagine being one of your target audience and you see an advert about a trip or a service you offer, you are now directed to your website to book and learn more about the offer and you finally gained access to your site after several trials of receiving this webpage is not available. Now the fonts on the website are too small and the colours are too dull or the colours on the page are rioting. Then the link you clicked was supposed to take you to the offer but instead you were led to a totally different page. On clicking to find your way around, the website is taking forever to load a page. Do you see how frustrated you would leave your visitors simply because your website isn’t user friendly. Looks are everything when it comes to creating a travel website. The colors have to be playful, warm and welcoming. Your fonts have to be readable and simple. Everything must be arranged orderly to make getting around easier for your visitors. The moment you fail to set up a user-friendly website you are bound to lose 80% of your visitors.


Majority of people who patronize travel agencies are the working-class youths or adults and retired citizens. You would have a lot of people trying to access your website from work through their laptops and others with mobile phones, pads, tablets and different gadgets. This is why you need to ensure that your website is responsive to any gadget used in assessing it. Some website appears well on phone then on a laptop they become irregular, or appears well on a pad or tablet then on phones everything looks scattered or too small or too large. You need to make sure your travel website is in shape and fits in perfectly on any device it is viewed from.


Every travel business needs a live chat feature on their website. In purchasing vacations, visas, flights, hotel reservations or any travel-related products, 95% of buyers always needs extra support and extra informations. They want to be reassured and be clear about your terms and conditions. You need to station a live chat feature on your website so visitors can talk to you when they are unclear about an offer or if they need more support. You would close a lot of deals from visitors and make more sales if you provide a live chat feature on your travel website.


Traveling has to do with inputting and submitting so many personal information. As a web owner, keeping your clients data and transactions safe should be the first thing to put in place when creating your website. Don’t allow any work done on your site if you do not have extra security attached. In some cases Google helps to warn users trying to gain access to such websites that it is dangerous and unsafe. The last thing you want is your visitors remembering your business as unsafe. It is easy for visitors to draw fraudulent conclusions in cases like this, so if you want to be authentic and trusted then you need to secure your website at all cost. And getting extra security is easier than you think.


This table we are about to shake has a lot of travel businesses on it. You might be thinking, I already have a business account, I already have a personal account, what do I need a payment portal for? If you are thinking this way you are already losing potential customers. Payment portals are necessary for all businesses especially travel businesses, not all your clients would get to chat or call you before making a purchase. They understand that they don’t need to know the manager personally to book trips. It takes some clients an email or a good live chat on your website to pay for your services. Some people are used to shopping online and making payments at once. Why would you let a payment portal delay your sales? Make sure your travel website is equipped with a gateway for receiving online transactions. Paying online is faster and convenient for a whole lot of clients and receipts can be sent immediately via mail.

These are 5 necessary features you should look out for on your travel website. If you are lacking any one of these on your site then you do not have a fully functional website to call a travel hub.

Having a professional website is very very compulsory as a travel agency or company. In case you need support in rebuilding your website, maybe you aren’t satisfied with the looks or you think it needs to have some more features to make it stylish and professional. Simply contact us so we can work our magic on your platform and take your business to the next level.

We also build websites from scratch, contacting us has never been a bad idea.

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