You may not have known but there are some key features that make your website functional and we are about to throw more light on those features, so you can assess your website and know what you need to improve on or if you already have a functional website. Also you can consider all of this when building a website for your business.


Since first impression matters we would start with user-friendly as the first feature to look out for on all great websites. This has to do with good user experience, there are a lot of things your website should possess in order to make it user-friendly:

i) Beautiful outlook:

Have you ever been to a website that subconsciously keeps your clicking and scrolling down its pages with fascination and intrigue? Maybe it was the font that was employed or the colors that immediately captured your attention and made you want to know more? This is what having a beautiful outlook can do to your website visitors.

ii) A good set-up:

Having a good set up is vital to all websites. In writing a formal or informal letter there are steps that comes first to last, you cannot have the topic of the letter below the body. Same thing applies to creating a decent website, there are sequences to which every website should follow to ensure that it is easy for your user to understand the message you are trying to pass.

iii) Easy to navigate and operate:

You have to ensure that links are placed in the right areas for your users to easily find their way around. Have you ever tried looking for a page on a website that maybe you couldn’t get to it because every link that was supposed to lead you to the page is leading you elsewhere and you find yourself moving in circles till you are tired, exhausted or angry? Trust me, this alone can make you lose valuable customers so it is good to ensure your website is easy to navigate and operate.

iv) Faster load time:

Have you ever noticed how fast Google loads? You would want to search for an article or publication and within seconds you will see various search results for your topic, but you click to browse your answers and the website is taking forever to load, what would you simply do? Go back and click a website that takes a shorter time to load, right? You dont want to drive your potential customers away do you, so this another essential factor to consider when building a website.

All of these make up a good user-friendly experience. A website is built to make things easy for your clients and once it fails to do that, it loses its value as a website.


Websites that are not mobile responsive will not be able to adjust properly to all screen sizes like laptops, desktops, phones or pads, and it is always a major turn off for most users. It either fits out of the phone or there would be a space left by the side of the website. So you would need to do a lot of zooming in and zooming out and when it becomes unbearable most people always prefer zooming out of such websites to a more functional website that can render the same services they are looking to get. Do you see how this overlooked feature can make you lose customers…


Having an SEO enabled website means that people can easily find you or your website through popular search engines like Google. Imagine your customers not being able to find your website on Google. Ahh, It’s going to seem like you lied about having a website to gain their trust and this might leave your clients with a lot of questions and disappointments, not knowing the problem is simple and can easily be fixed by working on enabling SEO for your site.


As a website owner keeping your customers details and transactions safe should be your utmost priority. Every website is expected to have an extra security to protect you from fraud and safeguard your user information. In some cases Google helps to warn users trying to gain entrance to such websites that it is dangerous and unsafe. As a website owner, this is the last thing you want your visitors to experience while trying to gain access to your services, so it’s very important that you protect your website before even building on it.


This feature is special as it has to do with customers having a live conversation with a representative of your brand directly from your website. The live chat is a great feature that helps to build trust and increase sales because information and details that were not properly understood by your visitors can be explained to them through a live chat from your website and same thing goes for queries and enquiries.


A payment portal is mainly for business websites or online stores. Having a secured payment system makes it easier for your audience or users to pay for goods and services online without stress or hassle. If you sell any form of products online you need to have a payment gateway installed on your site. Your business website is not complete without a portal for receiving payments.

If your website has all these features then you have a fully functional platform to run your business online.

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